Welcome to Epcot Systems & Services

Epcot Systems & Services commenced operation in 1997 and we cover a large scope of air conditioning and refrigeration engineering, including servicing and installation works.

Epcot Systems & Services is committed towards employment equity by developing an equal opportunity policy. It also committed itself to creating workplaces in which no one is denied employment opportunities whereby individuals can develop rewarding careers at all levels regardless of background, race or gender.

Epcot Systems and Services has one objective, to provide a high standard of service, quality workmanship and we strive towards excellence.

Epcot Systems & Services - Scope Of Work:

We specialise in the installation and maintaining of air conditioning equipment, ranging from window units to water cooled chillers. Industrial refrigeration is also within our scope of work.

We have a full commissioning department, enabling us to commission after installation.

Our company is service orientated and our scope of work stretches as far afield as the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Namibia.

Epcot Systems & Services - Contracts:

Epcot Systems & Services - Engineering Experience:

Our owner, Mr Raymond Fabrik has extensive experience in both electrical and mechanical engineering. The technical crew is managed by our Service Manager, Calvin Fabrik.

The company currently has service technicians with assistants who undertake our various contracts. We are continually striving to future growth in this regard. Sub contractors are utilised on larger contracts.

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